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Cast A Great First Impressions – Things A Carpet Cleaning Company Does

Don’t we all know already how important appearances can be in this time and age? It is in fact all about looks but this is not it when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Looks do matter for your carpets but cleanliness matters a lot too. Your carpet cleaning Washington DC area firm will be the one that lets you make a strong and long lasting first impression that not only makes you the talk of the town but also sets a great example in front of your friends and competitors. Yes, you could actually be the one everyone around you would look up to when it comes to learning a thing or two about maintaining their carpets and rugs. It is tiring you say? Of course it is but then who says you’ll be doing this chore on your own? You are going to hire the best carpet cleaning DC area company and make an awesome first impression on whoever walks in that door.

Woman vacuuming the house. Close-up with vacuum cleaner.

Clean Your Commercial Facilities
You realize how heavily trafficked your workplace can be especially in the discount season or in the beginning of the New Year or any festive season. Now this is all the more reason to get your carpets cleaned by professionals I’ll say. Your carpet cleaning DC area firm would know how damaging heavy foot traffic can be for your carpets. Not just dirt, dust or debris, but moisture, bacteria, soil, and worse, pet soiling can just ruin the beauty of your carpets and this is something that you would never want to see in your office or home. Whether they are visibly soiled or not, the professionals will take care of your carpets like they are their own and will leave the premises only when you are satisfied.

Maintain A Healthy Environment
No one in your office or home would like to stay or work in an environment that is not clean or looks or feels dirty in any way. Your carpets and flooring will take a bad beating when there is heavy traffic in your home or workplace. Apart from that the accumulated dirt and allergens can cause health problems that if unheeded could lead to serious issues. The best thing to do is keep your carpets clean and keep away all the germs, pollens, dust, asphalt, rock, sand, and dust mites, and also chemicals, and food remnants. You can also keep fungus, pet hair and grit, away from your home and office. Now that’s a recipe for a great first impression!

Can Your Carpets Repel Stains?

Is that even possible? Can your carpets and rugs actually repel stains and spills? Would it be finally feasible for you to cut down on your carpet cleaning expenses in Washington DC? Before we delve further let’s understand what it is actually.

Stain Resistance

You can describe your carpet as having “stain resistance” when its fibers repel any kind of spills and liquids. This is to say that there is a significant delay in or most probably no absorption of liquids or spills or stains of any kind. This means all your wool and certain polyester carpeting are actually paying off.

Stain Treatment

This is an entirely different concept on the other hand. You can opt for a stain treatment for all your expensive carpets and rugs. A spray can be applied to your carpets, rugs and mats that coats their fibers and makes them stain resistant.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Well, the ideal way to keep your carpets clean in the first place is to keep your house clean and don’t let any loose dirt and soil get near the carpet. Maintain strict hygiene in your home. Cleaning once a month is enough to ensure that no dirt and allergens settle in your beautiful carpets.

And of course avoid any and all kinds of spills at all costs. Keep liquids, oils, lotions, fruits and all other staining edible items and everything that threatens the beauty of your carpets away from them and you are sorted. Seems like an impossible task right? Well it kind of is and I don’t blame you.

Easy Way Out?

Like I said opt for stain repellant carpets and rugs that delay and/or avoid absorption of liquids and stains into their fibers. And if you are not able to find the right material anywhere in Washington DC, you can always count on the services of the leading carpet cleaning DC companies. They are professional, affordable, and deliver more than satisfactory results every time.

Key Points Of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning – In Washington DC

If you wish to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned you are in for some rough experiences. This is only a chore when you actually want it to be. But if you are careful in selecting the right service provider for your home, it becomes kind of fun to watch your carpets getting cleaned and reinstated in style. It is always a treat to see how beautiful and lavish they turn out to be once they are cleaned and washed thoroughly by a professional. But you see there is a catch here. This is only possible when you hire a reliable and reputable carpet cleaning Washington DC company. The new players in the market might be enthusiastic but their energy doesn’t compare to the experience of the veterans.

How Often To Get Your Carpets Cleaned?
You want to keep your carpets looking clean and beautiful for as long as possible. All carpet cleaning companies in Washington DC and the leading manufacturers as well would recommend you to have your carpets cleaned every 12 – 18 months which is a minimum time period. Remember, this will also depend largely on the amount of traffic you receive be it in your office or in your home.

How To Clean Your Ultra Chic Nylon Carpets?
While your regular carpets made out of cotton or other synthetic mix materials are easier to clean, your nylon carpets are a different story. We know that cleaning is important for all types of carpets. Understand that your nylon carpets contain hydrogen molecules which lend the material its characteristic resilience.

What happens with nylon carpets is that their fibers get flattened down due to heavy foot traffic. Special active cleaning ingredients used by reputed cleaning companies in Washington DC reactivate those hydrogen molecules present in nylon. This causes the fibers to bounce back with new life. You will notice that after the cleaning session your carpets have actually been revived and their performance has been enhanced as well.

Cost Savings Concerns Of Families In DC
Like any other family in DC you too are considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in the city. But you are more than just skeptical. You are concerned about your budget. You are also wary about the health and well-being of your family and loved ones. Well, it is a natural thing because the cost of having a professional coming to your place and cleaning your carpets doesn’t always justify the amount of residue they leave behind or the chemical exposure that they cause in the process.

This simply implies that all your big pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, recliner, huge fluffy chairs, beds, couches etc., are cleaned but the place is still a mess with residue and fumes all over after the professionals have left. You don’t want that, do you? Pick out a thoroughly professional carpet cleaning company in DC that assures you of cleaner and more hygienic carpets, rugs, mats, upholstery and curtains and fabrics placed about your house. Efficient and effective carpet cleaning goes beyond cleaner surfaces. It is about a cleaner environment.

Breaking the Circle of Returning Carpet Stains

You spilled something on your carpet once upon a time and it had left stains on it. You did all you could to remove those spots and were successful in doing that but now you are perplexed. You cleaned the stain thoroughly and it had disappeared completely, but a few days or weeks later it is back! Yes, you start to notice that a spot is forming on the exact same area where the spill had happened and now your carpet looks soiled. Just like many other residents in Washington DC, you too face a problem of returning carpet stains.

Carpet Cleaning DC

But wait, how could a stain that you had cleaned so thoroughly reappear just like that? Your carpet cleaning crew did a fantastic job last time. How could they have missed a spot? Or did they? Well, there are two possibilities.


Soiling can happen when any residue gets left behind on your carpet after the cleaning process is complete. The fibers of the carpet absorb the dirt and any cleanser particles left behind while treating the original stain. This is very common if the carpet is not completely rinsed and blotted dry with paper towels or a clean cloth. Over time this residue would become sticky and attract more dirt and soil to the exact same area making it look as if the stain has returned.

How To Deal With Soiling

If you are sure that any reappearing stains on your carpet are the result of soiling caused by dirt and cleanser residue, then the right thing to do is pour some lukewarm water on that spot. Make sure that the entire area is wet enough but not dripping with water. You should take enough water to enable thorough rinsing. This will help you get rid of the residue trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Now, place some paper towels over the wet spot and weigh them down by something heavy and leave them overnight so that the entire liquid gets soaked up.


Another major problem of carpet cleaning that many families in Washington DC face is wicking. Yes, wicking is wicked! It happens when the wine or the pasta sauce that you spilled gets soaked through the fibers of the carpet into its backing. Your carpet cleaning crew will examine the carpet from both front and back to see if there is any wicking that might be leading to those returning stains. In case any such particles are left behind on the backing, they can easily find their way back up to the fibers of the carpet. Thus, if they find that cleaning the surface of the carpet is not enough and that the under pad needs to be cleaned as well, they will do that to make sure that all residue is removed.

How To Deal With Wicking

The ideal thing to do now is to call your professional Carpet Cleaning DC company. They will use hot water extraction and/or steam to extract the stubborn residue from the under pad of the carpet. This way your carpets will regain their beauty and original texture in no time.

What Makes For The Best Carpet Cleaning Company?

First of all, we need to understand what is carpet cleaning? Carpet cleaning is the effective removal of dirt, stains, and allergens from the carpet through the use of several methods. What you get after the process is a cleaner carpet which is visually more pleasing and potentially more durable.

A Company That Provides the Following Choices of Carpet Cleaning Is the Best for You
As a homeowner in Washington DC, you must be aware of the most followed cleaning method which is through powdered carpet cleaners. These are quicker to use and they can be very easily vacuumed up. Naturally, there is no lengthy drying process that follows after that. Generally, this method is suitable for stronger and more durable carpets as it makes use of a hard bristled brush with a carpet shampoo and water solution to scrub off the stains.

Carpet Cleaning DC

You can also choose the baking soda method of cleaning your carpet. This magical ingredient can be used as a deodorizer as well. But before you use it on your expensive carpet, remember to test it on a small area first.

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning for you?
Dry carpet cleaning is simple and as the name suggests it makes use of specialized machines for the purpose. Your carpets can now be cleaned thoroughly with the help of recently developed chemical technology that leaves no room for any moisture or permits very low moisture. Your carpets turn out to be more beautiful, clean and fresh and free of any germs and allergens.

Thinking about Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning?
Before you choose this kind of Carpet Cleaning DC regime you need to know what it is and how it functions. The Chem-Dry process uses about 80% less water than a typical steam cleaning. It uses a carbonated cleaner that releases millions of microscopic bubbles to get rid of the dirt and grime from your carpet.

Understanding Chem-Dry
The Chem-Dry process makes use of a hot carbonated extraction method. It is usually a much drier process than steam cleaning. Many carpet cleaning companies in Washington DC also now offer encapsulation which is a process that aids in commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and also pet odor removal.

Carpet Drying
You will have to wait for about 8-24 hours for your carpet to completely dry. This will also depend largely on the aforementioned methods used. To accelerate the drying time you can use fans, air conditioning or heating system depending on the weather.