Drape & Shade Cleaning


Draping, a soothing touch to your windows, makes you feel luxurious in your home. It gives a contrast look to the rooms etc and without this article, your home looks like a lady without her eyelashes. It is our duty to make these delicate articles clean and look bright so that their presence could put a strong impact on the guests to get a luxury feel. These drapes and shades are known as superfine delicate articles which we cannot wash and dry with ordinary products at home. For example, there are a variety of shades which give you a feel like heaven, as they come in different styles like Black Out, Roman, Solar, Balloon etc. and drapes come in different fabrics, like Lines, Silk, Valances, Lined and unlined etc. These sensitive material need a professional and Lotus Green Carpet & Rug care known for their specialties in cleaning drapes and shades in Washington DC.

Here, we take these window ornaments like a newborn baby, as he is offered a special care, we also pamper your delicate drapes and shades by using modern tech vacuum cleaners and organic products to make your window ornaments clean and spotless. We take the full responsibility to remove the drapes carefully from the hangings and blings and after finishing the organic treatment and drying process, hang these articles accordingly so that you could see the outer view with luxurious borders on your windows, as these ornaments also act as the borders to enhance the grace of your room.

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