Breaking the Circle of Returning Carpet Stains

You spilled something on your carpet once upon a time and it had left stains on it. You did all you could to remove those spots and were successful in doing that but now you are perplexed. You cleaned the stain thoroughly and it had disappeared completely, but a few days or weeks later it is back! Yes, you start to notice that a spot is forming on the exact same area where the spill had happened and now your carpet looks soiled. Just like many other residents in Washington DC, you too face a problem of returning carpet stains.

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But wait, how could a stain that you had cleaned so thoroughly reappear just like that? Your carpet cleaning crew did a fantastic job last time. How could they have missed a spot? Or did they? Well, there are two possibilities.


Soiling can happen when any residue gets left behind on your carpet after the cleaning process is complete. The fibers of the carpet absorb the dirt and any cleanser particles left behind while treating the original stain. This is very common if the carpet is not completely rinsed and blotted dry with paper towels or a clean cloth. Over time this residue would become sticky and attract more dirt and soil to the exact same area making it look as if the stain has returned.

How To Deal With Soiling

If you are sure that any reappearing stains on your carpet are the result of soiling caused by dirt and cleanser residue, then the right thing to do is pour some lukewarm water on that spot. Make sure that the entire area is wet enough but not dripping with water. You should take enough water to enable thorough rinsing. This will help you get rid of the residue trapped in the fibers of the carpet. Now, place some paper towels over the wet spot and weigh them down by something heavy and leave them overnight so that the entire liquid gets soaked up.


Another major problem of carpet cleaning that many families in Washington DC face is wicking. Yes, wicking is wicked! It happens when the wine or the pasta sauce that you spilled gets soaked through the fibers of the carpet into its backing. Your carpet cleaning crew will examine the carpet from both front and back to see if there is any wicking that might be leading to those returning stains. In case any such particles are left behind on the backing, they can easily find their way back up to the fibers of the carpet. Thus, if they find that cleaning the surface of the carpet is not enough and that the under pad needs to be cleaned as well, they will do that to make sure that all residue is removed.

How To Deal With Wicking

The ideal thing to do now is to call your professional Carpet Cleaning DC company. They will use hot water extraction and/or steam to extract the stubborn residue from the under pad of the carpet. This way your carpets will regain their beauty and original texture in no time.

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