Pet Stains & Odor Removal


We all are animal lovers, as we love to have a cute pet in our house to play with it and to make our house secured, as they are the best guards who never cheat us. If we have a pet in our house, definitely we will take of it by time to time putting it feed and by removing his excretion. But sometimes we ignore to care for our pets and they make our carpet or rug dirty with their waste. This makes awkward to stay on the carpet having the waste of pet, as it makes the home environment smelly and dirty stains remain there on the carpets. This is not only for dogs or cats, as sometimes rats get died in the rooms which also makes the home environment dirty with a pungent smell.

But you do not need to be worried, as we at Lotus Green are expert to cope up with pet stains and bad odors. We, first use organic products to make the affected articles washed thoroughly so that no germ could remain in the carpet fabric. After this, we add fragrances to the organic solution to give it a final wash and then make it dry with modern technology dryers which do not affect the fabric hair and consumes less power.