Oriental & Fine Rug Cleaning


Lotus Green Carpet & Rug Care has established its name just because of its quality and dedicated service to make your oriental rug clean and healthy through organic care. Here we take each hair of your delicate rug seriously so that when you get it back after washing, you feel it like new. Our expert rug cleaners use high-quality organic materials to make your rug clean and washed, then it gets wiped by ultra-tech washing equipment so that your rug could not lose its color and fabric quality. We make your rug clean and fresh by following below steps:

Pre-Cleaning Inspection: So that We could mark the target areas
Unique Tagging: To hit the areas particularly and gradually
Vacuuming: To remove almost 100% of dry dust particles through high-tech devices
Organic Care: Use organic materials to make it wash
Conditioning: Gently make it washed through organic conditioners to make it spotless
Water Rinsing: Remove all the foam and dirty water from rug with modern equipment
Drying: We make your delicate rug dry in a way so that no hair loss could occur there
Delivery: Finally pack up it to make you surprised with a fresh and healthy rug

Our Motto is to serve our customers in a way so that they could feel Lotus Green has something different and it makes its promises done by cleaning their oriental rugs professionally with no loss of color and quality.