Upholstery Cleaning Services


Upholstery cleaning is always challenge for an unprofessional, as sometimes we try it on our own in our house to clean the upholstery and make it dirtier again, as it leaves oil and water marks on it. It is obvious, our expensive furniture upholstery gets coffee or wine marks on it, as our negligence allow to spill the coffee or wine out of the glass and the liquid gets overgrow on the upholstery and if we start to clean it with detergent or water, the marks still left behind as the upholstery fabric is the most sensitive fabric which gets affected with detergent etc.

But here at Lotus Green carpet & rug care, you will find proficient cleaners which daily deals with residential and corporate upholstery cleaning challenges. We have different kinds of equipment to tackle different kinds of upholstery fabric. We mainly focus on the fabric care tags attached to the fabric and if we do not find these tags, as people remove it, then we do it on our own as we are expert in dealing with all kinds of upholstery fabric.

We safely displace your furniture, as sometimes we need to take the furniture in your house garden so our cleaners handle all the articles with care so that without damaging the furniture and upholstery fabric, you could get a neat and fresh upholstery to sit on it comfortably.