Organic Cleaning Solutions


Today, people are becoming nature lovers as they are more on the organic side, whether it is cosmetics or food or cleaning. We all knows that chemicals always leave the harmful effect on our body as well as on the environment. We can make the things easier by using chemicals but the results always leave side effects. This is the reason we do not add any chemical during cleaning or washing services. Here, at Lotus Green, our expert cleaners always use organic products to make your carpet spotless and clean without damaging the fabric hair and color, as chemical wash always fade the color and hair of fabrics.

Organic solutions as nature essence to your home decor articles, as we spend a long time on carpets and rugs and our pets always feel comfortable by sitting on these object. So if we use chemicals during the wash, then some particles of chemical used may reside in the carpet fabric hair. This may lead to skin infections while using carpets. This also affects the environment as the cleaner wash your carpet in the open area of your house, the chemical water, they throw into the garden as well as into the sewage which then added to the main canal, which affects our forests and greenery.

If we know the ill effects of chemicals then why to go for it. Trust us to get a perfect cleaning response, as we have satisfied hundreds of customers with our expert organic solutions by making their carpets and other related articles clean and spotless in Washington DC area.