Water Damage Restoration


Water an object, which only quench our thirst but also makes us clean and washed. Without water life is impossible but when it come to leaving tragic effects on humanity, then we pray to water to stay away from us. It is a common problem which every house face once or twice in a year, the water leakage or sometimes flood kind of situation occurs due to heavy rain or floods. In that case, we suffer a lot, as our household articles especially carpets, mattresses, furniture etc. get damaged. Here, only water damage experts can make the things well by putting their hard efforts by soaking water through professional equipment and making the things dry and restored.

The Lotus Green Carpet & Rug Care has skillful water damage experts in DC area, who not only make your things dry by removing water outside of your premises and household articles, they also restore the carpets and rugs and other things which are affected by the water. We here, use high-tech equipment to make your carpets and other things dry safely so that no loss could occur, if we find anything damaged by water, we put hard efforts to make them able to reuse.