What Makes For The Best Carpet Cleaning Company?

First of all, we need to understand what is carpet cleaning? Carpet cleaning is the effective removal of dirt, stains, and allergens from the carpet through the use of several methods. What you get after the process is a cleaner carpet which is visually more pleasing and potentially more durable.

A Company That Provides the Following Choices of Carpet Cleaning Is the Best for You
As a homeowner in Washington DC, you must be aware of the most followed cleaning method which is through powdered carpet cleaners. These are quicker to use and they can be very easily vacuumed up. Naturally, there is no lengthy drying process that follows after that. Generally, this method is suitable for stronger and more durable carpets as it makes use of a hard bristled brush with a carpet shampoo and water solution to scrub off the stains.

Carpet Cleaning DC

You can also choose the baking soda method of cleaning your carpet. This magical ingredient can be used as a deodorizer as well. But before you use it on your expensive carpet, remember to test it on a small area first.

Is Dry Carpet Cleaning for you?
Dry carpet cleaning is simple and as the name suggests it makes use of specialized machines for the purpose. Your carpets can now be cleaned thoroughly with the help of recently developed chemical technology that leaves no room for any moisture or permits very low moisture. Your carpets turn out to be more beautiful, clean and fresh and free of any germs and allergens.

Thinking about Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning?
Before you choose this kind of Carpet Cleaning DC regime you need to know what it is and how it functions. The Chem-Dry process uses about 80% less water than a typical steam cleaning. It uses a carbonated cleaner that releases millions of microscopic bubbles to get rid of the dirt and grime from your carpet.

Understanding Chem-Dry
The Chem-Dry process makes use of a hot carbonated extraction method. It is usually a much drier process than steam cleaning. Many carpet cleaning companies in Washington DC also now offer encapsulation which is a process that aids in commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and also pet odor removal.

Carpet Drying
You will have to wait for about 8-24 hours for your carpet to completely dry. This will also depend largely on the aforementioned methods used. To accelerate the drying time you can use fans, air conditioning or heating system depending on the weather.

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