How Drying Of The Carpet Is Affected By External Factors

How can you even think of putting your carpet back to use without drying it off completely? Think about it. Your home is clean and free from all kinds of clutter and bacteria. When you bring in a wet or moist carpet into the equation, how is it going to feel? You will feel uncomfortable and the whole place will start smelling weird.
This is the reason every carpet cleaning DC firm will suggest you to get your carpet dried off nicely before you start using it. Needless to mention without drying your carpet you will run the risk of it developing mold and mildew and an odor that just won’t leave its side.

If you are thinking about hiring those cheap carpet cleaning services in DC, you won’t be the first one to do that. Those companies do come with a lot of claims and big words sounding out of their advertisements but they don’t really have the skill or experience to back any of it up.


A thoroughly washed carpet which is high in quality and dense in fiber count is very difficult to clean and move about in the first place. Handling it when it is wet is even harder and that is where the skill and experience of the carpet cleaning company DC professionals come in handy.

Don’t pick a company or a service provider if they take several days to dry your carpet completely. They probably don’t have the necessary equipment to accelerate the process. Choose a carpet cleaning service in DC that takes only a few hours to dry your carpets and put them back in use within the same day.

Reasons Your Carpets Take Longer To Dry
Remember, your carpets are different than your neighbor’s and they will take more or less time to completely dry up. It will depend largely on the carpet fibers. If you have a woolen carpet for instance you will see that it has easily absorbed close to 30% of its weight in water.

Polypropylene carpets on the other hand just don’t absorb any water. This means the water doesn’t go anywhere deep inside the carpet but stays on top of it.

The amount of soil present in your carpet is also going to affect its ability to absorb water and the time it takes to dry up. Therefore, the more the soil, the more water it will soak up. So now you know how drying of the carpet is affected by external factors.

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