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Carpet Cleaning Myths Dispelled – Reasons Why Cleaning Is Better For Your Carpets

Carpets are an essential part of both commercials as well as residential places that help to enhance the overall look of a place. The carpet also acts as insulation that is also responsible for making the place warmer. Also, the carpet feels soft and easy on the foot. The regular walk-in of the pedestrian’s regular care and maintenance of the carpets.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why cleaning the carpets is of utmost importance.

Extends the Life of the Carpet

It is important to realize that the process of regular carpet cleaning is responsible for the extension of the life of the carpet as the carpets get dirty due to pedestrians regularly walking in which may result in soiling and stains on the carpet. If the carpet is not regularly cleaned than dust particles on the carpet may accumulate which will result in shortening the life-span of carpet.

Removal of Spots and Stains

If the spots and stains are for longer on the carpet then they can penetrate deep into the carpet making it look dirty and shabby. Moreover, it will become harder to clean the carpet and remove the stains effectively. An instant removal of the stains and spots may cause damage to the carpet. Thus, the regular cleaning of the carpet can prevent further damage and can keep the carpet in good condition.

Highly Improves the Air Quality

The carpets can trap a lot of pollutants such as mold spores, dust, dirt, and pesticides which can have a great effect on the air quality. The pollutants in the air can have a severe effect on the health of employees. So, to keep the air clean and prevent any type of health issue cleaning of air is essential.

Eliminates Bacteria, Mites, Allergens, Etc.

Carpets can be said as a breeding ground for bacteria, mites, and germs due to which carpets require regular cleaning. Also, when the carpets become moist than the germs can grow up further. Unwanted germs at your place may affect employees’ health that can affect work productivity. Therefore, it is essential to clean the carpets.

To conclude, due to the reasons discussed above it is essential to clean your carpets. If you have a shortage of time in cleaning the carpets of your home then you can hire rug cleaning in DC who have professionals that are cleaning experts.

Carpet Cleaning DC

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Carpet Cleaning

How often do you clean your carpets? 

It’s not about vacuuming all the time but actually, the professional carpet cleaning which is beneficial in every aspect from the removal of those pesky stains to odor and smells of your pets. Getting rid of all the issues can be cumbersome on own but professional carpet cleaners make it simple, convenient, and time-saving procedure. 

Apart from these, numerous other factors make it important to hire skilled cleaners. So, let’s begin.

1. Extend The Life Of Carpets

The one great benefit for which people call the professional services of carpet cleaning in DC is the longevity of carpets. Regular vacuuming and maintenance is another thing but getting your carpets cleaned professionally at least twice a year makes them breathe for a long time depending on the quality of cleaning. 

2. Saves You Time

Cleaning the carpets and other household belongings requires time and effort. And we all know that with the busy life schedule, it is not easy to get enough time for cleaning your carpets. Here again, the cleaning companies come to the rescue. It’s more realistic to hire the cleaners who will save your time and you can easily rely on their cleaning quality. 

3. Get Rid Of Allergens

Another important reason to hire such professionals is the accumulation of bacteria, allergens and dust pollutants on the carpets. They use modern techniques to treat your carpets removing all the dust from carpet fibers and make them look more clean and fresh. Also, their distinct methods save your carpet fibers from getting ruined.

4. Expertise And Skills

You need to understand that no ordinary person can execute professional carpet cleaning. It requires specialization and experience in hands that only the trained cleaners acquire. Moreover, doing the same thing on repeat makes them more knowledgeable and experienced further providing quality services to the customers. 

5. Healthy Environment

Most of the people think that expert cleaners use chemical-based products for carpet cleaning and does not hire them for such a reason. But the fact is that there are numerous companies of rug cleaning in DC who use green cleaning products to ensure your carpets are safe and you have healthy surroundings to live in. 

So, these are some of the benefits that can be availed by hiring reliable carpet cleaning services. However, if in need of such services then visit us as Soho Rug Cleaners where we strive to offer the hygienic carpet cleaning services with zero damage. Give us a call for a free consultation

How Carpet Repair Services Can Keep Your Family Safe?

Carpets are of paramount importance at various places because it enhances the overall appearance of any place. So, we can say that the carpeting adds to the decor of your place which comes in various colors and patterns. Thus, with a lot of colors and patterns on the carpet, we can fulfill our own requirements of styling the house in our own way.  

Besides this, carpets help to save energy which helps in the insulation of the indoor environment Carpet can help save energy as it is an important contributor to the insulation of the indoor environment. Moreover, carpets provide a psychological feeling of warmth.

 So, to maintain the life of carpets it is vital to regularly clean it. Regular cleaning of the carpet prevents the buildup of any type of germs or bacteria. Cleaning is mandatory because harmful pollutants may enter the house when pedestrians walk in which may be harmful to your health. Therefore, it is recommended to hire carpet professionals for effectively cleaning the carpet. The carpet cleaning in DC ensures that no germs enter the house and the house is pollutant-free.

Home is generally the areas that have higher humidity than required so the growth of various molds is normal in such areas. The growth of fungus and mold can disturb the flooring integrity which can cause a plethora of health problems such as allergies and other breathing problems. Moreover, a clean home leads to a happy and contented family. So, regular carpet cleaning services can save you from fatal diseases in the following ways

Regular cleaning Can Alleviate Stress

The cleaning professionals provide deep cleaning services by professionally washing the carpet regularly with detergents and shampoo. This way clean carpets will make the family feel good and positive. So, regular cleaning is effective in reducing stress.  

Significantly Improves The Air Quality

We know that the carpet holds various types of dust, bacteria, and other unwanted particles. So, regular cleaning of the carpets is required to make them dust free and promote better air quality which keeps the air clean and prevents us from any type of health problem. Dirty carpets may give rise to various health risks due to dirt, toxins, and allergens in the air.

Prevents The Growth Of  Mold

Regular cleaning of the carpet prevents mold and mites growth which may be terrible for your health. So, the growth of mold should be prevented in the homes to avoid any health risks.

Clears Out Dust Mites

The homes may have dust mites which are not visible and cannot be cleaned. It requires professional carpet cleaning companies who steam clean your carpet by exposing them to high temperatures which dust mite cannot withstand so they die.

A rug cleaning in DC keeps your home spic and span, save your family from health hazards by professionally cleaning your rugs and carpets. Thus, professional cleaning reduces the risk of developing dust mites by using various cleaning solutions. It is vital to prevent their growth as they are extremely dangerous and can harm the health of a person.  

We provide you the quality services at affordable prices. Contact us today! All the best!

Professional Carpet, Upholstery, Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs are known for anchoring a room, adding warmth and layering the room’s decor. Adding rugs or carpets to the home space can improve the aesthetic and make your life more comfortable and relaxing. Using the rugs as wall hangings make the walls look elegant and the focal point of the room. Other than this, matching the upholstery with the rugs adds a charm to the decoration and using the varieties of rugs further helps in defining the areas like dining or seating areas, living areas, foyers, and more. Is your room lacking in excitement? Then your problem can be solved only by placing the rugs in the room’s space. Now let us talk about the rugs importance in a home and the purpose of getting them professionally cleaned.

When it comes to deciding the furniture for your home, then upholstery always remains at the top. Its because it is more comfortable and cozy than anything else. After all, we all find a comfort zone or the space to relax after spending a hard day at our work. Upholstery cleaning gives a healthy environment adding life to your home where you love to stay every day.

However, if we talk about the maintenance of carpets or rugs at our home, then irrespective of regular vacuuming or waterproofing, these require professional care. Professional carpet cleaning revives your carpets along with the home. Keeping the carpets dirty or uncleaned for a long time can make you buy the new ones. So, getting the rug cleaning in Washington DC is important as it prevents the replacement of the carpets and keeps your existing carpets new and clean for a longer time period. As all the professionals aim to make your home beautiful, comfortable, and something that you can be proud of.

After doing the cleaning yourself, now if you are looking for professional upholstery cleaning in DC then our professionals can help you with complete cleaning and washing services. They use the right equipment and products for removing pet stains or odor. Our professionals ensure the quality of work ensuring health safety with no use of chemicals that can ruin your home environment.

Everything You Need To Know About Professional Rug Cleaning

When you think of planning your home decor, one thing which strikes your mind immediately is to get an exclusive piece of rug for your home. It not only helps to add comfort to your home but also helps to improve the ambiance of your rooms. However, the only thing that can be very frustrating for you is managing the tasks of cleaning. Therefore, it becomes crucial to approach a reputed and renowned Rug Cleaning in Washington DC to intervene and help you with deep cleaning. Here we bring you a few things that make it worth to hire a professional rug cleaning service.

Inspection: the first thing which any reputed and experienced rug cleaning service would target is to check the fabric of the rug as the different type of rugs have different cleaning needs. Therefore to avoid any chance of error bringing damage to your expensive area rug, a professional will always start with the inspection of the rug which also include keeping a check on soiling and stains.

Cleaning: the next thing which is worked by a professional carpet cleaning service is the cleaning of the carpet. Most of the time, this process is worked using quality products which are eco-friendly and good for the rug cleaning with washing. However, your rug washing with green products or use of dry cleaning depends on the type of the fabric which is used in making of the area rug.

Drying: the next thing which is included in the process of rug cleaning involves the drying of the area rug. This is actually a very crucial stage of carpet maintenance in which the use of wrong drying technique could cause damage to the carpet fabric. However, professionals are very informed about the right process of drying because they make sure your rug should shine as you have just purchased it from the market.

Repair: last but not least, a professional carpet cleaning in DC also involves repair for the damaged fiber. Even if you are highly concerned about the care of your area rug, it is very likely that you would end up damaging some fabric. Your expert and professional cleaning service will ensure that any damaged threads or corners should be fixed for a finished look.

So, if you are having trouble managing the cleaning of carpets, rug, and upholstery at